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NJ’s Westminster Hotel rolls out unique luxury beds as part of redo

January 21, 2009
LIVINGSTON, NJ—The Westminster Hotel here prides itself on having a reputation for offering a luxury guest experience and the property made the decision to take things a step further with a recent renovation that primarily focused on its beds.

“We wanted to make some significant changes to the guestrooms and the bed was really a critical piece of that upgrade,” said Michael Polese, general manager of the 183-room independent hotel, which is owned and operated by Westminster Hotel Group. “Beds have been in the news for a long time now, but in many cases, that focus is on the top of the bed. We searched for a partner that could elevate the sleep experience in a different way, starting with a great mattress as the foundation.”

Rather than opt for any of the usual hospitality mattress manufacturers, Polese stumbled upon Hollandia International almost by accident. “Hollandia is an Israeli-based company that isn’t very well-known in the U.S. but has a huge presence in Europe and the Middle East with their luxury mattresses. But they happen to have a store nearby in the Mall at Short Hills. I went in and struck up a conversation,” he said.

Custom comfort

After learning about the company’s products, Polese noted he was “attracted to the amazing comfort of the mattress. We tested it multiple times in focus studies and got a great response. The great thing about their products is each bed is custom built to individual specifications. You can design a simple mattress or choose to incorporate multiple features. So the beds are really tailor-made.”

The Westminster Hotel selected Hollandia’s Morpheus mattress for the majority of its guestrooms. Crafted of high-end materials such as multi-leveled latex and specially milled Aloe Vera fibers, the mattress is also anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. The mattress also features a softer shoulder zone to provided added comfort to guests who sleep on their sides.

The bed also offers an important element of customization as well. “One of the biggest advantages to the mattress is that it is two-sided. One side is firm and the other is soft,” Polese explained, adding the hotel has incorporated the choice into its reservation system so guests will find their specific preference when they arrive. “It’s not just ‘here’s your bed’ anymore. It’s an experience customized for how you sleep. It’s a very unique service component we can now offer.”

Regardless of preference, the beds in the hotel are automatically flipped depending on the time of year. “In the winter we change all the mattresses to the softer side because sinking a little deeper into the bed helps keep you warmer. In the summer, the firmer side is better because it traps less heat, allowing for better ventilation,” Polese said.

In the Westminster Hotel’s 10 suites, the decision was made to further upgrade the mattresses to Hollandia’s Platinum-Luxe Signature Sleep System. The beds are fully adjustable with mobile head and foot sections that the guest can customize through a pneumatic hand control. The mattress also features two massage systems with 12 different massage programs powered by a quiet, high-tech motor. “The beds are amazing,” Polese said. “They really change your opinion about what a sleep experience should be.”

After placing so much focus on finding the right mattress, the hotel was careful to select linens that would carry the luxury experience through to the top of the bed. It selected white, 300 thread-count, Egyptian cotton sheets and duvets.

“We knew bedspreads had become a source of dissatisfaction for the community, so the duvets were a better choice. The beds are quadruple-sheeted with a fitted sheet, then a flat sheet, the duvet, another flat sheet and a decorative sheet on top,” Polese said. “We knew going to all white linens could be a challenge, but it provides such a clean, beautiful look.”

Finishing off the bedding ensemble is a decorative throw at the foot of the bed.

Polese noted training is ongoing at the hotel to ensure the housekeeping staff knows how to properly maintain the linens. “The way the beds are made now has radically changed compared to before. The sheets are not folded down, they are pulled all the way to the top of the bed so the bed appears seamless and comfortable,” he said. “We want to deliver the most pristine appearance possible for the beds.”

The feedback for the new sleep package at the Westminster Hotel has been extremely positive. “Guests keep saying how comfortable the beds are and how well they slept,” Polese explained. “It’s an amazing product and we’re proud to have it in the hotel. It’s something that surprises, and is appreciated by, the guest.

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